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Hitching on the Mojave Road

Being a 100% True History of a Desert Rat {except for the made up bits}

6/1/05 08:48 am - Too Much Small Print in Thousands of Pages

Been in a bit of funk lately. I guess I am trying to get geared up for the next big project{s}. I am starting work on a Powerpoint presentation on the history of our Main Street (route 66). I am also planning on editing/writing three books in the next year. First up is compilation of the first 5 years of my column, I will also help edit an autobiography of a neat lady called Vanola Hughes and then I am working on a 40th anniversary book for our next barbecue.

Started the Powerpoint program yesterday. I don't know Powerpoint but I am learning fast. The first few slides I have created are looking good. I have to get a working draft going soon because I am talking to the local Soroptmist group on the 29th. Talked to them before the barbecue and they liked me so much they want me back.

Thursday I have an interview with a neat lady. Mrs. Garcia is a member of an Indian dance troop in town called the White Cloud Dancers. I already know much of her history, it will make a great column. Have to arrange another interview for the Juneteenth column, we will see how it goes.

On top of all that I am reading a lost of books lately, here is a list:

 Lies my teacher told me : everything your American history textbook got wrong 

Very interesting, eye opening book. Knew a lot this stuff but the author puts it all together for a good read. There is sequel about historic sites the I am going to have to check out

 Chronicles, Vol. 1 by Bob Dylan

A rambling almost non linear autobiography. It reads like Bob is sitting with you and talking a bout old times, good read.

 Men of tomorrow : geeks, gangsters and the birth of the comic book

Yet to start this but I am comic-geeking to get started

The smartest guys in the room : the amazing rise and scandalous fall of Enron

Expect the revolution to start after I finish this one, I hate greedy bastards


5/10/05 08:24 am - There's Somethin' Missin' With You Darlin' Now

Long time no write. For the month of April I gave my life over to the Museum's 39th Annual barbecue. When I started planning this barbecue I started working towards a large number of events and ideas thinking that about half of them would come to fruition. I guess I am too good almost all my ideas came true and it seems that a whole lot of people had fun. The downside is the stress and planning got to me and my health suffered. Nothing major just 1 month of not sleeping well and feeling lousy. Because of that I am not going to run the barbecue next year, I don't think I could do it. Read a report about all the doings here.
Me before the big haircut(Me before the hack job, note the half eaten pizza)

After the barbecue on April 30 I have been getting my life back together and having some fun. This past Saturday I went to the Calico Early Man Site to see a speaker and eat too much potluck. The speaker wasn't the most organized but the subject of the Indians of the Coachella Valley was interesting.

After the talk we went to my friend's warm spring, Paradise Springs, for the night. We decide to do some thing a bit crazy. Instead of taking surface roads we decided to drive straight from the site to the springs at ten at night over rough dirt roads. We hadn't scouted the route well so it was one big adventure. We could see the road that runs beside the spring through most of the trip so it wasn't to dangerous. We got lost once and then split up only to meet at the springs later. All in all, good fun.

Got the first of three parts of a story up today. This one was great fun to write and research on it was dead easy. I went to a hundred year anniversary/family reunion the week before the barbecue. All the research I needed was at the event, I wrote pretty much of all three columns the next day.
Click on dad to read the article.

Giving blood today, if you can, you should too.

3/26/05 07:50 am - Life is too Short to Mess With Cranky Republicans

Fun time at the museum the past couple of days. I was approached by the Sierra Club for them to use the museum for a meeting. In the past the museum has always opened for different local groups, so I didn't see any problem this time. So yesterday I released a press release about the meeting and one of the board members got all in an uproar. The Sierra Club is not a popular group in our area but I thought that things have died down a bit and that this meeting would go over with very little controversy. One board member sent a e-mail to anyone that would listen about how the museum shouldn't be hosting the Sierra Club, he also is trying imply that I was trying to sneak something in. I am not going to let this upset me, life is to short to mess with cranky Republicans.

I have a new hero, read about him here. This graffiti artist that goes by the name Bansky snuck a number of his works into some prestigious New York museums. that is what art should be a about subjugating the dominant paradigm. His web site is here.

Found this Butternut Squash comic that pretty much sums up my attitude about now.

3/22/05 07:35 pm - Back Through the Opera Glass You See

I am not a big believer in these type of tests but this got me nailed. The trait snapshot was pretty dead on: messy,  disorganized, not rule conscious, rebellious, rash, weird, ambivalent about chaos, likes bizarre things, anti-authority, not good at saving money, not a perfectionist, leaves many things unfinished, low self control, strange, desires more attention, romantic daydreamer, abstract, impractical, unproductive, leisurely, likes the unknown

Got the test from princesamari

Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Work ethic||||||||||||50%
Self absorbed||||||||||||||||63%
Conflict seeking||||||||||36%
Need to dominate||||||||||||||||63%
Change averse||||||||||||||||70%
Peter pan complex||||||||||||||||||76%
Physical security||||||||||||||56%
Food indulgent||||||||||||||||||76%
Female cliche||||||||||||||56%
Take Free Advanced Global Personality Test
personality tests by similarminds.com

3/21/05 07:34 am - Epigrams in Esperanto

Bad day yesterday. I took a sleeping pill the night before and for some reason my system could not clear it out. So I worked at the museum in a complete fog luckily very few people came in and no one asked any difficult questions.

What is weird about days like this is that I seem to get a lot done. I researched a column on the beginning of our Marine Base and found a lot of good stuff for the piece. For the whole weekend I wrote two columns and got research done on 4-5 more so I am doing well on that front.

Friday I bought Brian Wilson's Smile CD. This is the album that he did in the late 60s that started his downfall into drugs and mental illness. Smile has been considered a lost classic. Brian had gotten a band together and did a number of live shows of the piece. After the shows he did a studio recoding of it with the same band. I am really enjoying the CD, you should pick it up if enjoy experimental music and classic Beach Boys. It wouldn't hurt if you like drug addled, surreal lyrics either.

It seems that Smile has always been cursed when Brian first recorded it he was working on a piece based on the great Chicago Fire. While he was recording it a fire destroyed a near by building. Then of course there was Brian's problems after the recording. In this recording one of his band members died in the tsunami.

3/20/05 07:07 am - Or You Can Start From the Back and Work Towards the Front. . .

I was going to write a long entry about the meaning of life, how to create cold fusion with left over chemicals in in your under sink bathroom cabinet, how to make a dove tail joint, what exactly was the Beast of the Mojave, and the formula for the perfect Monte Cristo sandwich but then I realized the Marx Brother's Duck Soup is on soon. I got to get ready to work at the museum before the movie so I will let you all figure that stuff out. Zeppo cracks me up every time.

If you insist here is the formula for a perfect Monte Cristo sandwich:
Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.

3/13/05 07:45 am - The Lost Snowman Graveyard

I have a friend that lives near L.A. who sent me this I answered and sent it back to her. I figured I post it here. Sad part is she has to use web TV and she can't read my journal.

This friend and I met in an unusual way. She read a letter I wrote to the X-Files comic book and she wrote me and we have been friends since.

A Little About MeCollapse )

3/12/05 07:22 am - Tragically Cut Short by a Duck With Hot Sauce

Way to busy lately. With the barbecue coming up and me (and Bob) being the only one that seems to treat the museum with any priority things are getting ridiculous. I used to go to the museum to have some fun but those days are dead. Can't wait until the barbecue is over I also won't be the Vice President anymore so things will hopefully settle down at that time.

Finished reading  Shadow of the Sentinel  in the middle of the book I realized some of the signs they used to mark their stashes are around Barstow. I am beginning to wonder if I need to go on a gold hunt.

Here is a comic that really cracked me up.

3/7/05 08:01 am - Birthday Party, Cheesecake,Jelly Bean, Boom!

Have you noticed people around you turning into rhinoceroses?

3/6/05 08:43 am - Every Streetlight Reveals the Picture in Reverse

I usually don't do the meme thing but when I saw this one  on princesamari's journal it looked fun so here goes.

Fun with GIS! (Google Image Search) Look up the following on the image search and post it to your journal

1.place you grew up
2.place you live now
3.favorite cartoon
4.favorite food
5.favorite drink
6.favorite song
7.favorite smell
 8.favorite shoes

Lookie!Collapse )
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